Here are the sites that I like to point VTES players to :

¤ White Wolf's official VTES page

¤ All about the Giovanni Clan right here

¤ No Exit is my online serial novel

¤ The Crypt and Library Monger will help you build your decks

¤ Lasombra's site has no equal for VTES ressources. He even has a special page for Giovanni !

¤ Todd Bannister's Path of Blood has been an obvious inspiration. A must-see for all would-be Assamites !

¤ Damnans' site has lots of nice things, including custom vampires

¤ All you need to know about the vampires you play is here !

¤ VTES Shetland has many nice things, including the Kiasyd Newsletter !

¤ Even vampires can have a sense of humor...

¤ Our french Newsgroup talking about VTES will welcome you !!

¤ Skeletons, everywhere !! Screensavers and all, a Necromancer's Dream made bones...
¤ Dan Sin has some wonderful Skeleton T-Shirts ! A 10% reduction for everyone coming on behalf of this site.