Last Updeaded : 24/02/2005


Soon we'll get new Necromancers, and hopefully some good cards for our favourite clans : can't wait !!

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Coming soon : Strategy articles updated and added. And more !! Come back to see by yourselves...

February 24, 2005 : all Other Necromancers updated ; began relooking the site (let me know what you think, what works or doesn't...).

February 23, 2005 : all Necromancy cards reviewed, updated, and rated separately for inf and sup versions. All Giovanni cards and vampires updated. First Necroletter and Last Giovanni newsletter (by Fabio "the Sooner the Deader") added.

February 21, 2005 :Necropoll repaired and new poll out.

November 2004 : after a long cease-fire, Group 4 updates.

January, 18, 2003 : Black Hand updates, new decks, new newsletters, added the Pantheon sub-section in the Gallery.

October, 2003 : a date that will enter History for the Clan Giovanni : we won the Storyline !!!

September, 10th, 2003 : new poll, new articles, new decks... What more could one hope for except the October Giovanni Newsletter ?

August, 9th, 2003 : bugs fixed, new decks added, Storyline article completed with examples, Augustus Contest announced. What more could you hope for ?

August, 4th, 2003 : I just realised I had misused of Temporis again. We only are in August NOW ! Time to change a few things, beginning with the layout of the site (and maybe stop meddling with Temporis altogether with Necromancy ? The melange seems too dire for my already troubled mind...).! Also added my first Newsletter ever, some decks, including a Storyline winning Shambling Hordes deck.

July, 10th, 2003 : New necromancers from the Anarchs set added.

July, 7th, 2003 : New articles, decks, poll ; newsletter announced.

February, 5th, 2003 : missing links fixed.

December, 26 : some changes have been made to allow for more spacious presentation, now that the necro-poll frame has settled in. Special Christmas package added.

December : Friday, the 13nth. On this Feast of Jason, we launch the first Necro-Poll !!!

December 2, 2002 : all sections are operational. Working on the idea (and technics) of a Necro-Poll.

End of November 2002 : The Hungry Dead and Eyes of the Dead sections now fully functionnal ; 5 Strategy articles added.

October 2002, the first bones are set.